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High-efficiency electric powertrain systems for light electric vehicles

Revolutionizing e-mobility

We aim to trigger the transformation process towards net-zero climate neutrality in the LEV industry with our powertrain solution designed in Switzerland.

Our mission is to enable all companies interested in creating new types of electric vehicles without incurring high R&D investments (such as motor, battery system development and UX/UI solutions) that require specific knowledge and significant effort and time.

"We believe that the development of an electric motor can make the most efficient use of the battery system in your vehicle."
Cédric Flüeli: CEO and founder of Shematic
Cédric Flüeli

Our powertrain solution

We produce an all-in-one powertrain solution giving best-in-class performance.

Thanks to our in-depth knowledge in e-mobility, our patented electric motors, battery pack and smart BMS are tailored to your vehicle design.

Shematic's electric motor available in two versions: FREA and IMPULSE.

Electric motors

High power density

Shematic's electric battery pack for e-mobility solutions.

Battery pack

Modular design

Shematic's user interface for e-mobility solutions.

Smart BMS

Extended battery lifetime

Electric motor technology

Shematic's electric motors are patent-pending.

We provide you with the highest level of powertrain efficiency thanks to our electric motors, optimised for either low or high speed, to fit any applications in the light electric vehicle industry.

Shematic produces an electric motor, called FREA, with an external rotor.

This is FREA

Optimized productivity for LEV

modular, scalable
motor drive

Low Speed Electric Vehicles

< 60 km/h
Electric bikes
Electric cargo-bikes
Electric scooters
Electric motorcycles cat. A1
Electric motorcycles cat. A
Shematic produces an electric motor, called IMPULSE, with an internal rotor.


Higher efficiency at higher speed

high-speed, highly efficient, variable flux
memory motor

Light Electric Vehicles

> 60 km/h
Suitable for any urban electric mobility applications above 60 km/h.

Battery pack

Our battery pack is a modular and tailored solution for your vehicle solution.

Shematic produces a powertrain solution with a high-energy density.


Up to 200 Wh / kg
Fully built-in solution

Shematic produces a powertrain solution with an extended battery lifetime.

Extended battery lifetime

100% safe
Integrated smart BMS




Smart BMS

Using a smart BMS combined with a customizable user interface will help you collect the right data and optimize your battery lifetime.

Shematic's user interface has a dedicated control unit for a quick charging time


Shematic's user interface has a predictive state of charge.


Shematic's user interface has an integrated BMS.


Target specifications


Suitable for:

  • Electric bikes (FREA 40 and FREA 60)
  • Electric cargo-bikes (FREA 40 and FREA 60)
  • Electric scooters (FREA 40 and FREA 60)
  • Electric motorcycles cat. A1 (FREA 80)
  • Electric motorcycles cat. A (FREA 120 and FREA 160).
Suitable for any urban electric mobility applications above 60 km/h
SpecificationsFREA 40 FREA 60IMPULSE
Peak torque40 Nm60 Nm150 Nm
Peak power 2 kW9 kW70 kW
Peak duration60 sec60 sec30 sec
Speed range0 - 500 rpm0 - 1000 rpm0 - 1200 rpm
Continuous torque28 Nm44 Nm85 Nm
Continuous power1 kW4 kW40 kW
Motor efficiency94%91%90%
Voltage range48 - 96 V48 - 96 V96 - 600 V
Mass3 kg 5 kg20 kg


Drive your business forward with a powertrain powered by Shematic.

Personal urban

Shematic is launching an electric scooter.

Last-mile delivery
electric vehicles

Shematic is launching an electric cargo bike: the YakBike.


Shematic's electric motorcycle in collaboration with Meister.

Our management team

With a decade-long expertise, and patented technology, we work together to create electric powertrains that provide exceptional performance at an effective cost and compact form.
We are a team of engineering experts and business leaders. With years of experience in solving problems and please costumers.

Cédric Flüeli: CEO and founder of Shematic

Cédric Flüeli

CEO & Founder

Lucio Kilcher

COO & Partner

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Designed and made in Switzerland

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